Wedding 101s

A wedding is a ceremony, religious or otherwise, where two people are united in marriage. There are different types of wedding depending on the ceremony that unites them. Religious weddings could be a Christian wedding, Muslim wedding, Hindi wedding and so on. The wedding could also be strictly legal where the vows are overseen by a representative of the attorney general in the presence of a few witnesses. What role does bespoke tailoring play in the wedding industry?

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What happens in the wedding?

There are numerous activities that occur during a wedding. There is usually the main ceremony where the couple is married and then the reception. The wedding ceremony may include singing, dancing, a sermon by a church minister, exchange of rings and signing of marriage certificates. The reception is usually the celebratory part of the ceremony and there is a lot of merry making. People eat, take photos, catch up with family and friends, dance to their favourite music, wish the couple well through speeches and present their gifts to the couple. The culmination of the reception is usually cake cutting and playing different games. Weddings are generally happy occasions and people must therefore have fun and enjoy the ceremony.

Wedding Venues

The wedding venue is usually determined by the couple's idea of a perfect wedding. The beach is one of the most popular wedding venues of all times. The wedding may take place in a garden or it may take place indoors in a large hall. It could also take place in a park, aquarium or even in a museum. Wedding venues can be located in the urban or rural areas and they may be picturesque or they could be ordinary areas. In addition to this, wedding venues could be in the home city or town or in a destination city in another part of the world.

Dress codes for wedding

As guests, it is important to ensure that you dress the part whenever you are attending a wedding. While you could choose to wear something that is in accordance with the thematic colours of the wedding, this is not necessarily compulsory unless the bride and groom specified so. However, it is good that the gents look sharp in their suits and tuxedos unless for weddings that are taking place in the beach or in extremely hot areas. The exception also applies in the case that the wedding theme does not require a suit or tuxedo.

For the ladies, a high quality dress or suit matched with the correct pair of shoes is a great choice. The dress should be comfortable such that you can have fun at the wedding. The accessories used for the dress should match to prevent ruining your look. Both for men and women, there is a need for well-fitting clothing items. This is the role played by bespoke tailoring where high quality pieces are designed specific to each person's measurements and body stature to ensure that the clothes fit and drape perfectly.

Trends in weddings

While the bride is traditionally expected to wear a white dress, some people are moving away from this tradition and considering their favourite colours. Gowns now even come in different colours to suit different brides. You may wonder why a bride would go for a coloured gown but it all boils down to their tastes and preferences. The gown can also be customised through bespoke tailoring to ensure that it fits like a glove.