A Missionary Church

It all began on 2 October 1863 with the laying of the foundation stone of what would later be St Paul’s Church, Plaine Verte. The building which was made of wood and stone at the cost of £ 3,500 (i.e. about Rs 140,000 at the current exchange rate) was consecrated on 27 August 1864. The building was used mainly for congregations consisting of indian and french people. It has to be noted that the funds required for the construction has been mainly contributed by the parishioners themselves. This building was later severely damaged following the visit of a cyclone in 1868. It was rebuilt in 1870 and its architecture has remained more or less the same to what we have today. The roof was rebuilt in 1961 after the strike of cyclones Alix and Carol which caused much havoc in the island. The building was renovated in 1996. Just like the apostle Paul has been one of the greatest missionaries of all times, St Paul’s Church, Plaine Verte has always had a missionary calling, whether among the Indians, the Muslims or the Chinese.