The Charismatic Revival

The charismatic movement started in St Paul’s Church in the late sixtees through a small group of Christians fervent in prayer. Among others there were Rev. Lewis Barry, Paul and Noellie Cheng Kai On, Jocelyne Lew Kew Lin, Anne Marie Li Wan Po, Sylvio Ng Kwok Cheung and his family. The movement soon developed rapidly, especially among the youths with the help of a group of brothers and sisters from South Africa among whom was Leslie Pon who spent several months in Mauritius doing missionary work among the youths.

This revival is characterised by a greater freedom in prayer, worship and gifts of the Holy Spirit among which was the “speaking in tongues”. The charismatic revival gave rise to an unprecedented spiritual movement at the parish level and touched not only the youths but also the adults and the elderly. This movement led into the creation of prayer cell groups and sharing at the parish level and gave a boost to Sunday School. The parish has to this date 19 cell groups where the members meet weekly, 3 Sunday School classes and a prayer and intercession group.