Dance Ministry 2010

Dance Ministry Group photo after performance dance : When I call on Jesus 5th September 2010


By Jonathan Ah Chuen (currently in London)

I have been going to St Paul’s Church, Plaine Verte since April 2009 but was not involved in any ministry  at the very beginning. I used to go to  a cell group  on Saturdays and to the youth service on Sundays; that was it and  nothing more. However, my christian life reached a turning point when I heard a calling from God – which I felt as a challenge – to join a ministry in order to serve Him even more as I would be in Mauritius for at least one year. It happened that the dance ministry was recruiting new members at that time, and this is why I said to myself, “why not join it?”

What followed afterwards until my departure abroad for university studies was simply an awesome and unforgettable experience. I learned how to dance using my body, flags and banners. I learned how to make the most out of my liveliness and my energy for God’s glory and most important of all, I felt that I was a member of a closely-knitted family. Each and every dance that we performed during church services, conferences and camps will forever remain in my most cherished souvenirs.

Dancing in the Dance ministry was more than a weekly activity to me; it was also an influence on my attitude and character. It gave me the desire to improve my attidtude,  to reflect God’s love, joy and peace, not only in  my dance gestures, but also in everything I do, think or say on a daily basis. I am very grateful to all my brothers and sisters in the dance ministry for these memorable times we enjoyed together, both on the stage and on the backstage and most importantly, I really praise God for having given me the initial opportunity to join this unique ministry and used me for His purpose and glory in it.