3rd Sabah Mission Team to Mauritius

From 18th September to 1st October 2002

“Intense moments in the spiritual life of our parish”

A delegation of 16 persons from the Anglican Diocese of Sabah, Malaysia, was in Mauritius from 18th September to 1st October. Led by Archdeacon Albert Vun, the team was constituted of members from St. Patrick’s Church in Tawau and Faith Christian Centre in Kuala Lumpur. It consisted of 5 pastors and 11 young persons, the majority of them being in their early twenties. This was the 3rd visit of a Sabah Team in Mauritius within a span of 4 years.
Since 3 years now, the parish of St. Paul’s Church, Plaine Verte, has adopted the system of cell church as it is practiced in St. Patrick’s Church, Tawau. The number of our cell groups has increased from 8 in 1999 to 21 presently. The quantity of people attending cell meetings is around 300.

A program of intense activities was prepared for this occasion. It comprised of training sessions for the leaders and interns of cell groups, a special session for the youth, teachings on spiritual gifts, cell church, intercession as well as a meeting with the clergy and church wardens of the Anglican Diocese of Mauritius. The culminating point of this visit was an evangelistic rallye on Saturday 28th September.
Archdeacon Albert Vun explained the importance for a church to have a vision that comes from God and to build the cell church around this vision. It is also important for the senior pastor to be supported by a committed team of men and women who will sustain him in the life of the church. We all need to pray for our senior pastor. Albert Vun mentioned that if we say that we are not satisfied with our senior pastor, this is because we have not prayed enough for him!

Three consecutive evenings were earmarked for the teaching sessions on spiritual gifts and attracted a congregation of around 200 every time. Archdeacon Albert Vun talked on the gift of tongues and Ps. Chong Lay expanded on the eight other spiritual gifts, among which are the gift of prophecy, the gift of distinguishing between spirits and the gifts of healing. After each teaching, the Sabah/KL Team prayed for all those who wanted to receive these gifts.
Ps. FloraChong shared on the importance of the prayer of intercession at church level – intercede not only for those who are sick but also for all the leaders of the church and for the country.
The meeting with the clergy and churchwardens was held at Thabor, Beau Bassin. Archdeacon Albert Vun shared how the parish of St. Patrick, Tawau, has developed, through the cell church structure, to become the biggest Christian church in their region. He emphasized a lot on the importance of the commitment of a Christian and asked the following question: “When Lord Jesus will come back, will we present to Him the amount of money which we have saved in our bank account or the number of souls which we have brought to salvation for the Kingdom of God?”

The evangelistic rallye that took place on 28th September at St. Paul’s Church drew a crowd of 700 persons. Ps. Chong Lay, in his preaching, explained how, very often, when someone is facing problems or is suffering from a serious illness, one will look for many gods.
Yet, there is only one true God who is the Answer to all our problems, i.e., Jesus Christ who is seated at the right of God the Father. He exhorted the attendance to turn towards Jesus, to repent from their sins and to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Fifty-two persons accepted Christ on this evening. Praise God!
Many people also came forward to receive prayers. Several persons were healed and some were delivered from evil spirits. A lady who suffered from an illness was healed completely after being set free. Next morning, she returned to the church bringing all sorts of witchcraft objects which she had at her place and asked the pastors to destroy all these. Glory be to God for all the signs and wonders that accompanied the preaching of the Word.
On Sunday 29th September, the members of the mission team visited other parishes, including St. Thomas – Beau Bassin, St. James Cathedral, St. Barnabas – Pamplemousses, St. Mark – Poudre d’Or and St. Michael and All Angels – St. Pierre.