Mission at St Mark’s Church, Poudre D’Or

Historical Insights

The Church of St. Mark, Poudre d’Or was consecrated by Bishop Royston on the 27th December 1888. The church building was severely damaged by the cyclone of 1892, which passed right over the island of Mauritius. It was restored by Bishop Gregory in 1914. A vestry and a porch were added to the building.

Very little is known about the life of the parish over the last hundred years. It would seem that the hospital of Poudre d’Or used to be a garrison for British soldiers and that the chapel of St. Mark was built to serve their needs. The architecture of the hospital from the outside still looks like a garrison unto this day. Until very recently, St. Mark, Poudre d’Or was considered as a daughter church of St. Barnabas, Pamplemousses and the priest in charge of the latter was also serving St. Mark. In 1995, cyclone Hollanda severely damaged the roof of the building and it was decided temporarily to close down the church.


Prayer Meeting on 1 May 1998 at St Mark’s church before renovation

An eucharist service was held at St. Mark’s Church, Poudre d’Or, on Sunday 7th June 1998 at 2 p.m. The roof had been repaired, the surrounding grounds cleared and the building itself recleaned after a long period of inactivity.The church was packed with faithful coming from the surrounding areas together with some members of St Paul’s congregation for this opening service.

” How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that brings good news “ (Is 52: 7).

After a welcoming address by Rev Roger Chung, the service started with praise and worship songs. Steeves Pierre had the privilege of bringing God’s Word to those present. He made reference to 2 Chronicles 7:11,12 : “After King Solomon had finished the temple and the palace, and had successfully completed all his plans for them, the Lord appeared to him at night. He said to him: ” I have heard your prayers and I accept this Temple as the place where sacrifices are to be offered to me”.He compared the reopening of St. Mark’s church to what King Solomon did. The reopening of St. Mark is a dedication to bringing God’s Word to those in the north of the island. He said that God will do great things in this church, that we must be prepared to spread the Good  news, not to be afraid as to what other people may say about the noise we make, provided we are doing the noise for God.

Harold Allaghen mentioned how he had a special request in his prayers for this church to be reopened whenever he came to this region during his work rounds. Annie Sham had some encouraging words for those present. She compared her mission trip to Madagascar with what is being done at Poudre d’Or. Annie, Harold and Rev Roger then sang the praise song “Like the woman at the well” in Malagasy. Some members present gave testimony as to the greatness of God. One person witnessed how he came to know and accept God and this led to the divine healing of his spine problem of several years. A lady was also blessed with miraculous healing of her daughter from a growth in her stomach when she put her faith in God.

During the service, Rev Roger called upon several members of the congregation to say prayers for the church and the work that awaits us. At the end of the service, a light refreshment was served.

It is expected that a regular  meeting will be held at the church every Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. for praise, worship, prayers and Bible study. An Eucharist service will be held once a month. All those who attended really felt God’s presence and have faith that God will perform miracles there.