Mission trip to Reunion Island

On Sunday 12th April 1998, Revd. Ian Ernest, Revd. Roger Chung and myself went to Reunion island on a mission trip for one week. The main objective of the mission was to hold Easter celebrations for the Anglican community in the island and also to set down foundations of an Anglican Church there.

April 1998
From left to right: Mr. Jean Héri Ratsimanirimanana, Rev. Ian Ernest (now Bishop of Mauritius), Mgr. G. Aubry, Mrs. Nina, Rev. Roger Chung Po Chuen. (Not in Photo: Mr. James Siew Tu)

The small Anglican community in Reunion consisted of about 15 persons, mainly Malagasy people settled in the island. It was with this community that the first Easter celebration was held (at the church of Moufia) in Saint Denis on Sunday evening.
On Tuesday evening, we were at Saint Pierre to hold another Easter celebration for the Anglican community of the south of the island. This community was also a small one, consisting actually of about 10 persons.
One of the highlights of the mission to Reunion was the meeting with the Bishop of Saint Denis, Mgr. Aubry. The object of that meeting was to seek his advice and the confirmation of his support for the establishment of an Anglican church in Reunion. The Bishop thus assured the delegation of his support to the Anglican community.

A last celebration was held on Thursday evening, again at the church of Moufia, in Saint Denis. It was unfortunately the last opportunity for us to have fellowship with the Anglican community, who always provided Revd. Ian, Revd. Roger and myself, with a warm welcome since our arrival on the island.
With the regular visits of Revd. Ian Ernest to Reunion – in fact it was his third visit – the Anglican community will be more structured in the future.
We must continue to pray for the community there so that it can grow – in number and spiritually, also for the settling of an Anglican Church in Reunion and for a priest to be able to officiate at this church on a permanent basis.
After the different evangelization missions to Rodrigues, Seychelles and Madagascar, St. Paul’s Church confirmed  its will to carry out missions with this trip to Reunion. Although this time, the team was small compared to the previous missions, everything went on smoothly, by the grace of God and Revd. Ian, Revd. Roger and myself, were greatly blessed by having this fellowship with the Anglican community settled in Reunion.

In Christ,
James Siew Tu

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