SEEK 1996

SEEK: Seychelles Evangelization Exchange Koinonia

Seychelles 1996

A great moment with the Lord Thursday 8 August 1996. And off we went for a new mission trip to Seychelles. We just finished presenting the play “Jesus, a friend forever” but we were not tired because we knew that the Lord was going to show us marvelous things in Seychelles.




SEEK II in front of the Christian radio station, FEBA

The Bishop of Seychelles, Mgr. French Chang Him had asked us to share on the Holy Spirit as the people there were hungry for the Word of God and wanted to know more on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A heavy schedule was prepared for us during our one-week stay but we were not worried at all because we knew that we could do all things through Christ who strengthen us.

It was the first time for many of us to come to Seychelles and we received a very warm welcome at Mahe airport. During the journey to St. Philip, La Misere, where we were supposed to stay, we could see huge granite blocks – this is a sign that Seychelles is not of volcanic origin like Mauritius. Its origins in fact go much further back than ours. Unlike what its name suggests, La Misere is not really a slum, but can be compared to the posh parts of Floreal in Mauritius.
Our first encounter with the people of Seychelles was in the Friday afternoon of 9th August and we immediately felt the extent at which our brothers and sisters of Seychelles, who were by the way ordinary people, were hungry and thirsty for the Word of God. Pastor Roger Chung shared about renewal in the life of a Christian and the New Birth, i.e. to be born again. An altar call was made and the whole congregation, from the youngest to the eldest person, responded and they accepted Christ as their Saviour and Lord. It was a very emotional moment for us and a great joy in the Lord when we laid hands on each person to lead him to Christ. We had never seen such an enthusiasm, not even in Mauritius!
We left Mahe on Saturday morning and flew to Praslin island, the second most important island of Seychelles. Praslin is an exclusively touristic island with beaches of unimaginable beauty. One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world, the “Vallee de Mai”, where the rare and famous sea coconut grows, lies on this island.

Pastor Paul Cheng shared on prayer at St Mark’s Church and there again, the Praslin people responded to the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. What a joy in heaven for this people redeemed by the blood of Jesus!
The young ones in our team (Winnie, Carine, Richard and David) together with Eddy and Christelle, stayed back to meet the youths of Praslin in the evening while Pastor Roger Chung, Pastor Paul Cheng, Mr and Mrs Eric Ma Fat took the plane for Mahe.

On Sunday 11th August, we went on separate ways and made sure that there was someone from our team to preach the Word in all the Anglican churches in Seychelles. In this way, Pastor Roger Chung was at Holy Saviour Church, Pastor Paul Cheng at St Luke Church, Pastor Eddy at St Mark, Christelle at St Matthew Church and Eric Ma Fat at St Paul’s Cathedral. To our surprise the service at St Paul’s Cathedral was broadcasted live on the national radio of Seychelles and the next day several locals whom we met in the shops told us at which point they were moved by the message.
What a lesson of freedom and communication, and liberalization of the media our brothers from Seychelles have taught us! On the following Sunday, extracts from the Holy Saviour Church service were broadcasted and we were glad to see our chief pastor on TV.

On Monday 12th August, while the young ones from the SEEK team were on a trip to Praslin, the rest went to St Luke Church in Bel Ombre. Pastor Paul Cheng shared on Holy Spirit renewal in the life of a Christian and since it had become a habit, the whole congregation came forward for prayer and the laying of hands on them. That day we received the confirmation that the Holy Spirit was with us. One of our brothers from Seychelles was slain in the Spirit as soon as Pastor Paul Cheng laid hands on him.

On Tuesday 13th August, we held  a workshop on “The gift of speaking in tongues and the gift of prophecy” with members of the clergy and Bishop French. It was with much simplicity and humility that the priests from Seychelles received the message. Pastor Paul Cheng shared on the same message on the next day with the lay preachers.
On Wednesday 14th August, before leaving our friends from Seychelles, we organized a Mauritian Night for them and many of us would still remember the moments of friendship and fellowship which we shared with them during our mission trip in Seychelles.
To God be the glory!

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