Combined Cell meeting at Pamplemousses Garden


Saturday 31st July 2010

By Richelle Ah-Kion from Australia
This memorable day, still fresh and vivid in my mind seems like it was just yesterday. In the lush greenery of the Pamplemousses Garden, the youth of St Paul merrily made their way. The gay atmosphere arising from the excited youth group was highly catching, and when finally we stopped and started singing praises to the Lord, we could feel the amazing presence of God in our midst. When the buzzing dance ministry was performing on some of the songs such as “Il n’y a personne qui soit comme Jésus” under the leadership of Albert, the fragrance of the Holy Spirit could be sensed by each one present.

Then came the fun games which were really invigorating and amusing! We had a great time of fellowshipping and sharing that strengthened the bond of friendship and love between brothers and sisters.

Then at last, when our stomach started to churn up, we couldn’t help but gobble the delicious tuna sandwiches and snacks like hungry wolves.

Finally on the program was a group photo session to commemorate this awesome day!

We all wished that the day would go on and we didn’t have to leave the beautiful garden

but alas the bus arrived and we all headed back home. One in the Spirit, One in the Lord.