Hike at Plaine Champagne


7th February 2010

Article by Carleen TSE (El Shaddai Esther)

On the day of the outing to Plaine Champagne, the weather was cloudy and it could rain anytime. Nevertheless, we went for the hike as a way to put our faith in practice and to have fun as well. On our way to Plaine Champagne, there reigned an ecstatic atmosphere in the bus full of energetic youths ready for the hiking.

Arriving there, our Youth Pastor Jean shared the Word of God for 15 minutes about His beautiful creation, after which a prayer was said by our other Youth Pastor, Ticou, before we actually started our thrilling hiking.

Here we go for the great hiking! We began to walk on the path leading to Black River Gorges National Park. On the way, we could admire the wonderful views of different mountains and on our track, we even picked and ate some tasty “goyaves de chine” as it was the season for this local fruit.  After forty-five minutes, we finally reached the pinnacle of the mountain and we were all quite tired. On the summit, we could see green vegetations and amazing views of our little island. Later, it was time for us to go down the mountain and we lined up in a single queue. We had to be very careful when walking on the rocks as they were slippery and with much effort and with the help of our strong young men, we all attained valley safe and sound.


Afterwards, we rested for some half an hour before continuing to our destination.

Forty-five minutes later, we reached there and some of us went into the river of Black River to have a dip into the cold and clean water.

Later on, we got into the “Alouette” bus to go back to church and during the return trip, most of us fell asleep as we were all exhausted after this great hike.

Even though we had pains in our whole bodies the next day, we had enjoyed our hiking at Plaine Champagne and we will always be thankful to God for having being in control of this stupendous day.