Friday animation by ELS Youths 6th May 2011


ANOU SERVI ENSAM, was the theme developed by the El Shaddai Youths at the 6th May 2011 Friday fellowship. It was another amazing evening where we marveled and praised God for the talents and creativity He has given to this generation to serve the church and be a blessing to others.


Ice breaker : Guess the ministry

Youth worship team


The congregation

Sketch Scene 1/Husband & Wife having a discussion about serving at church

Sketch Scene 2/Father picking up kids from cell

Sketch Scene 3/In his comfort zone and not bothered to serve

Albert Lamoureux sharing about Service


Testimony about serving at church by Aurelie Lee Yau

Testimony about serving in the Dance Ministry by Cedric Frangamar

Performance song by the youths

Rev Eric Ma Fat summing up the evening